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Speech Therapy with experience

Talking in Steps works with families, schools, and other organisations. We understand the unique challenges you face and know our 15 years experience will be able to assist you with a blend of guidance, therapy and solutions.

“The team at Talking In Steps were incredibly helpful. They were able to field all my questions and provided a fantastic overall experience.” -Mathew Hart

First Steps for Speech Therapy


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Call us today with your questions and concerns and we’ll book you with the right therapist for your needs.


Book in for an initial assessment

A time to connect and ask any questions you have about the benefits of speech therapy for your child, funding or to discuss any frustrations you may have.


Next steps for your child’s success

You will receive our recommendations and goals. Together we can map out the best path for your child to grow and succeed.

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Speech Therapy to suit your needs

Clinic & Mobile Service

We provide clinic and mobile speech therapy options to fit your schedule and daily demands.

Supportive Environment

Where fun and enthusiasm are a major priority so your child can take the necessary steps to succeed.

Dedicated Team

Will work closely with you by providing the right tools and strategies to help your child’s development in their daily lives.

Tailored Programs

We design programs with specific goals to cater for your child’s individual needs.

Need funding help?

The funding process can be daunting. We are accredited under NDIS, Better Start, HWCA and Medicare rebates. We can help you attain funding during the application process.

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"The wonderful team all worked seamlessly together and helped our family so much. -Danielle Simmons"
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We specialise in:
  • Paediatrics
  • Autism
  • Development and learning delays
  • Literacy, comprehension and communication
  • Speech articulation, pronunciation, stuttering, lisps and grammar
  • Play and social skills and interaction
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Our Speech Therapy Services:
  • Adults, especially in the aged care facilities
  • Standardised assessments and evaluations
  • Advice and education on diet modifications
  • Education seminars for schools and families
  • school readiness program and screening tests at school to highlight any learning issues
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Autism Specialist Clinic provides:
  • Speech Pathologists trained in PECs
  • Multi-sensory room to enchance learning and therapy.